About Me

whitneyHello world, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Whitney W.K. Welcome to my website.

I grew up in the heart of America’s Midwest. More specifically, I lived 17 years in a suburb north of Chicago, where I spent most of my childhood reading books like, “The Shape of Me and Other Stuff” and dreaming of becoming an astronaut. When I was diagnosed with astigmatism, I gave up on my dreams and blamed my mother for the insignificance of my existence. I blamed her even more for having to uproot my life and move out of state midway through high school. I spent a couple of years in Michigan (resenting my mother) before attending college in Indiana and ultimately becoming best friends with my mother.

I graduated from Ball State in 2007 and moved to Orlando. I spent four months of unemployed bliss lying by the pool and overeating my way right out of my entire wardrobe before dragging my feet into Corporate America. I spent five years bouncing between fancy, schmantzy titles that I won’t bore you with reciting before deciding the business world wasn’t for me and decided to pursue writing full time. I now wake up when I want, take frequent naps and write what I hope will one day be published books.

My favorite color is chartreuse. I love justice. And I love grammar. And I love ice cream. I write mostly in pencil. I’m a pretty fantastic speller. I love to dance. I don’t eat anything that used to have a face or a mom. My suitcase-packing skills are unparalleled. If I could have any superpower, I’d choose teleportation. I’m a pathological picture taker. I collect mugs. And scarves. I’m a total pack rat. I love dog training. I am learning sign language. I want to travel the world. I’m too sensitive, but I’m learning that doesn’t mean I’m weak. And I’m too angry. And too anxious. And sometimes lost. But I’m also really, really happy.

I live in Orlando, Florida (aka Paradise, America) with my dreamy golfer fiance husband, Patrick, and our panda/dog, Kya. Patrick has forced asked me to be his caddy, so I’ve created Caddy Diaries so you can laugh at my life on the road. You’ll probably see Patrick on television one day. Kya too.