The Change Project – Official Guidelines

The Change Project

Pure and simple, The Change Project is a movement to create something big out of spare change. Save your change, and at the end of the year, donate it to the charity of your choice and convince me why I should donate my money to your charity.

How it works

It’s very easy – just pick up any change you find under the seat of your car, on the sidewalk on your way to work, in the couch cushions, and throughout the next eight months, see how much that stack of coins can accumulate. At the end of the year, we’ll all donate our money and take count of how much we collectively gave away for the benefit of others. Although this initiative will span across many months, I encourage all of us to stay connected to one another. Take photos of your piggy banks. Upload your photos the official Change Project Facebook page to Flickr or TwitPic and shoot me an email or Tweet at me so that we can continue to encourage each other to make a difference.

Help me pick a charity

Have a charity you wholeheartedly support? Tell me about it. I’ll be highlighting charities here periodically throughout the year – charities that are nominated as recipients for the 2011 Change Project piggy bank donation. Basically, I’m going to save up as much change as I can in the next eight months, and then I want YOU to tell ME what non-profit organization I should donate it to. Tell me about which charities you feel strongly about supporting, and I’ll do my research and take final pitches in November. If you want me to consider your charity as the recipient of the change I save this year, tell me about it sometime – on Twitter (#ChangeProject), on Facebook, via email or in the comments of this or any other Change Project post.

Why you should participate

What’s in it for you? Well, aside from the joy of giving back and bringing big changes to the world with what seems like loose change, there will be giveaways periodically throughout the coming months. The Change Project is a great way to bring awareness to your favorite charity. This initiative isn’t asking you to give large amounts of money, it’s asking you to bring a positive change to the world, and to a charity of your choosing, without bending your budget or maybe even noticing the amount of money that can come out of collecting spare change.

Tell your friends

Spread awareness. Encourage other people to take part in changing the world. Like The Change Project on Facebook, and encourage your friends to join in the cause. We can give a little, but change a lot.

Thank you for caring.

Here’s to Love & Change.


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