This is a frequently-asked questions section in the making! Have a question you’d like to ask? Send it to anythinglime at gmail dot com. I’d be happy to post it up here. Make sure to check back as this section continues to grow.

Q: What does “anything lime” mean?

A: Great question. Well, not “great” so much as “obvious,” but thanks for asking. Lime is my favorite color (chartreuse, actually) and flavor. If I were to describe myself as a color, I would choose lime because it’s green (as in environmentally friendly – get it?), bright, happy, rare and there are so many enjoyable shades of it. Unsurprisingly it’s also my favorite color to wear. I guess the short answer to this question is simple:  I love anything lime.

Q: How do you pronounce Kya’s name?

A: Kh-eye-uh. NOT Kee-yuh. Repeat: NOT Kee-yuh.

Q: And how do you pronounce Patrick’s name?

A: Pigeon. Like the bird. No really, call him that. It’ll be funny.

Q: Do I eat enough protein?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I eat enough iron?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I want to hear about how it’s impossible for vegetarians to get enough protein and iron?

A: No.

Q: Is Kya a Siberian Husky mix?

A: No.

Q: But she must be, because her eyes are blue, right? OH SNAP.

A: False. She’s not. Oh snap.

Q: What kind of camera do you use? You know, because your photos are so good?

A: Let’s be honest – this is only on here because it’s automatic on a blogger’s FAQ page. But what the heck, I’ll tell you. My first love is my Canon EOS Rebel, though most of my photos these days are shot with my more cumbersome and exquisite 7D. Mostly photos of Pigeon and Kya and pictures of my back after cupping treatments.