Mixtape Monday: Songs of summer ’14

Most of the music I listened to this summer was in my sister’s van. Driving around, listening to the satellite radio. Or sitting in the way way back next to Sawyer, because anytime we would go anywhere, he’d bat his eyes at me and say, “Whitney, I want you to sit by me. Can you sit by me?” And then I’d finagle my way back there and squeeze in next to his car seat and that’s the story of how I watched Frozen 147 times in three months.

Though, more than Frozen, the most-watched movie of the summer for us was Rio, which is quite possibly my favorite animated movie. The animation is good, but the sounds – the voices and the music – make the movie what it is. Plus it’s got a special place in my heart because my nephew Jude walks around going, “Reeee-oh! Reeee-oh! All by. All by.”

We were once in the car, just Ashley and me, and heard “You know what to do with that big fat butt! Wiggle wiggle wiggle.” And I don’t remember the last time we laughed so hard about a song. Maybe it was that time when she and I were driving around after my grandpa’s funeral listening to “My Band” by D12 and Ashley sang “please, won’t you please let me suck your cock” in front of my mom. None of us has ever been the same.

So we drove home after running our errands, I clutching onto the bag of Chipotle that would feed our whole family, both of us laughing and snorting. Talking about how ridiculous it would be to write or pitch or produce this song, and how impressive it is that it was executed with any seriousness at all.

Another time we were driving around and I wanted to look at the face of Sam Smith, who I was sure was a handsome black man with muscles for days and good taste in shoes. So I was surprised when I found a photo of him, and he turned out to look nothing like my mind’s image of him.

“You want me to show you?” I asked her, because she went so long without knowing what Bruno Mars looked like that she stopped wanting to know after a while. We both agreed he was more Boy George and less John Legend than either of us expected, but, good song nonetheless.


2 comments to Mixtape Monday: Songs of summer ’14

  • Ash

    I love this post. What a great summer. I have a lifetime of memories of us driving around listening to music. Like “Mambo No. 5” and “Macarena.” (Which, incidentally, I also just watched the video for.)
    I love you :)

  • Ash

    Also, “My Band” came on my radio a couple weeks ago. Still know all the words. #likeridingabike

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