So long, summer

As the seasons begin to change, I’m washed over with a wave of nostalgia. And what better view is there of summer than standing on the first days of fall?

Sawyer on a swing

Milo carrying bubbles

Naylyn watering flowers Patrick holding Declan

Naked baby in the bath tub Mike holding baby Oliver

Naylyn and Declan lying in the grass

Theo making silly face

Patrick eating watermelon

Ashley holding Jude

Lucy blowing bubbles

Declan in the shrubs Jude and Milo in paint

Ashley and Sawyer with bubble gum

Jude in a diaper

Nate and Kelsey

IMG_9192 Naylyn in the vineyard

Milo in a blanket

Sawyer blowing bubbles in the grass

Jude in paint

Milo pinches Sam's nose

The stealthy pinch

Jude and Milo in the vineyard

Naylyn making a silly face

Milo in a tree Zack and Brooke play soccer

Sawyer in the bubble bath


Theo with a lightning bug

Jude in the bubble bath Sawyer eating watermelon

Naylyn wearing sunglasses

Milo sleeping in the chair

Sawyer and Naylyn running through vineyard

Sam holding Jude


Jude and Milo on the chair Ninja Sawyer


So long, summer. And what a wonderful summer it was.

Declan and Naylyn in the vineyard



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